Sunday, September 14, 2008

Operation Bag of home

Hi everyone,

Some of you may recall mentions about another charity I am working on with a friend of mine. The project is called Operation Bag of Home, and the idea is that we hand-make bags, fill them with little toiletries and/or fun stuff, and then ship the bags to troops overseas.

We are changing our approach a little bag and have come up with a few "themed" bags with exact lists of what would go into each bag. I am going to be making prototypes of each type of bag shortly...bags are basically like making 2 squares and sewing them together :) We are also going to be working on bags intended specifically for female troops...we were thinking of including some small hair doo-dads in there. If anyone is into sewing but hasn't really felt like there's a charitable need for quick projects I think it would be neat to include some homemade pony tail or bun holders in these bags.

Here is the list of themed bags we are working on:

General Sanitary Package - MALE
1 bottle 1 - 2oz hand sanitizer
travel size toothpaste & toothbrush
travel size kleenex pack
travel size q-tips
1 tube chapstick

General Sanitary Package - FEMALE
1 bottle - 2oz hand sanitizer
travel size deodorant
1 small package hair ties and/or bobby pins
travel size toothpast & toothbrush
1 tube flavored chapstick
travel size comb

Extreme Weather - HOT
2 tubes chapstick
travel size sunblock
8 - 10 flavor drink mix pouches (20oz bottle size)
1 bottle 1 - 2oz hand sanitizer

THEME - Thanksgiving
letters and cards (not for bags, but to send with box)
small bag individually wrapped candies (no chocolate March through September)
2 pouches tuna fish
1 small box goldfish crackers
8 - 10 flavor drink mix pouches (20oz bottle size)
1 bottle 1 - 2oz hand sanitizer

Silly/Fun Bag
small bag individually wrapped candies (no chocolate March through September)
1 small canister silly string
2 small sized slim jims
1 SMALL water squirt guns

Visit us over at if you are interested!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I need Alabama again, but got Rhode Island!

Alaska: St. George's Anglican Catholic Church Knifty Knitters
8892 Duran Street
Juneau AK 99801 US

Arizona: Ninjasezzy preemie drive
Arkansas:Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Northwest Arkansas
2510 N. 17th St.
Rogers AR 72756 US

California: Twizittles local oncology ward drive
Colorado: Warm Hearts Warm Babies
Connecticut: Salvation Army w/Priscilla's Guild
Delaware:Newborns in Need, Delaware Chapter
13 Grace Court
Newark DE 19702 US

Florida: VA in St. Petersburg
Illinois: Greater Chicago Ferret Association
Kansas:Victory in the Valley
Maine: Nest Jean Lee
P.O. Box 6011
Falmouth, Maine, 04105

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
Caroline Langrall,
Child Life Specialist
1708 W Rogers Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

Michigan: South Oakland Shelter
Mississippi: Wings Cancer Foundation through Caps For A Cure
Nebraska: Robyn's preemie hat drive
New Hampshire
New Jersey:
New Mexico
New York:Lincoln Medical Center Room 2D5, 234 E 149 St, Bronx, NY 10451 Attn: maria Edwards.
North Carolina: Newborns in Need
North Dakota
Ohio: Items made and donated for a local homeless women's shelter
Oklahoma: Crosh-aid
Oregon: Baby Love Blanket Drive
Pennsylvania: Bonnie's Ronald McDonald House (Danville, PA 17821)
Rhode Island: East Bay Community Action Program
South Carolina
South Dakota: Pretty Bird Woman House
Texas: Prayer shawls for Crazigriffen's mom's church
Virginia: Warm Up Winchester
West Virginia
Wyoming: Homeless Coalition