Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm up to the big 10!

Just a reminder that I am hoping to make 200 items for charity this year. If I do, would you donate $25 to either the American Cancer Society or the American Diabetes Association? I'd surely appreciate it!!

I posted 3 more items, which takes me to ten. These mittens went to Afghans for Afghans, one of my favorite causes. They are really having a hard time getting items over there for obvious reasons, so when they make a call for items, i try to answer it!

The top 3 pairs are mine. A friend crocheted the beautiful pair on the bottom.



sandy said...

Nice colors, which pattern did you use. I find I'm constantly wanting a better pattern for mittens. They are sooooooo needed for The Bridge. I never get enough of them. Do these work up fast?

I've fallen short off my goal of 200 the last 2 years in a row; and so far this year I'm not making much headway. Actually have made items for family for the first time in awhile.

I think I need to trim my charity list so it doesn't seem like too much? I long for the day all the kids here in the US are fed, warmed and cared for and find it hard to even think beyond our boarders. The needs are just so great, so very sad.


sandy said...

Happy Easter, visiting all Bridge Team Members this am.