Friday, June 6, 2008

My local drive is finally done! :)

I finally heard back from my contact at the shelter, and all of the donated items I've collected this year for my local drive are going to be saying goodbye to me tooday. She is going to use the weekend to take pictures of some of the residents in the stuff that was made in order to make a special card for my dad.

Here is everything together:


I've got approximately 40 items here, including several sets, either of hats/mittens/scarves or hats/scarves.

I am so very pleased.

Now my big question is: what do I work on making next?!? :)

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Sandy said...

Hoping around, so thought I'd pop in here too. Somewhere I read you had or could make buttons/badges or for our teams? Went back to find it today, and couldn't. But, if I'm not nuts and did read that would love one. It would be a thing I could put on my blog?

Are you familiar with Find A Grave? I thought you might want to make a memorial for your beloved Uncle. People can even leave virtual flowers. I'm very active over there as well. The links on my blog.

Hugs for all you do