Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not this year

I am sad to announce that I am going to put my 1,000 items challenge on hold till next year. I got too late of a start, and you wouldn't believe how that shipping adds up! It's crazy. But first day of 2010, I'll be on it full swing :) I'll do training until then, I promise.


Stacey said...

Why not a 100 items challenge this year? Instead of 1000? Or one project a day rather than 1000?

Addiopolis said...

0 is a good plan. But STacey is a clever woman. and I think 100 items is a good training number. I think it's all about pacing and knowing what you need to get done by when in order to accomplish your goal. Good luck with all of your projects this year.

Addiopolis said...

der... 2010 is a good plan I meant to say.