Sunday, March 1, 2009

Socks socks socks!!!

So one of the most mysterious things about crafting is that you can try and try something for ages and it just doesn't click. Then suddenly, it all becomes clear. This happened to me with cross stitching. I just couldn't understand the concept of transferring, through stitching, what was on the chart onto your fabric. But once I really got it -- no problem!

The same thing has been a problem (a big problem!) for me with socks. Even though I had the best teachers guiding me, the wisdom of their words was just not clicking in my head. Until this past week. Suddenly, everything they had been saying clicked together and I realized I would be able to make socks. And lo...


I would like to say too that these socks were made with me adjusting a pattern from a book using Amy's and Andi's formula for decreasing at the gusset :D The actual pattern called for using a stitch holder and all kinds of crazy stuff.

These socks are going to Afghans for Afghans cuz they are made out of Patton's wool.

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