Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Masterpiece" Shawls

So I had this idea of starting to customize my shawls, as in, I would base my designs on my own interpretations of actual works of art. Eventually, I could make it even more customizable and have people make requests that I make them shawls based on my interpretations of their own favorite work of art.

To test this idea, I've made my first shawl, based on Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Please give me honest opinions. What do you think of the idea, of this shawl, and anything else that comes to mind. I am looking for input of all kinds!



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Addiopolis said...

Hi Margie! We should get together while I'm in town. I really like this idea of the masterpiece shawls. And I think the shawl is a great first effort for a really challenging idea. I think there might be a couple of ways you could tweak it to make it better. I don't know much about crocheting or how you make your shawls (on which I get compliments all the time). But, I'd say start simple first, maybe not too many colors, and expect to try out some different ways of approaching it to see what is most effective. Or maybe focus on color and utilize all of the important colors but try to blend them and You may even be able to evoke the sense of the painting, using colors, without trying to make the actual composition match. I think that is the tricky part. If you're trying to make the composition match a lot, but It doesn't exactly, or not enough to look like the picture, you might be better and get a more beautiful shawl by not sticking to closely to trying to match the composition. I can definately see how the first one matches the painting, but I wonder if it's the properties of the crocheting pattern that made it difficult to match certain elements of the composition. Were you trying to match it closely? Some things like the stars and moon would be super tricky to do just like they are, but could be evoked in other ways. Mainly I think you're awesome because you just jumped in and tried it (or maybe sat and wrote and drew and thought and then tried it). That's fabulous, and you are wonderful. Good luck with this project and I can't wait to see what you do next.