Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Dream the Impossible Dream

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to take on a big challenge this year in parallel with my Crafting the Nation challenge.

I'm going to try to make 1,000 items for charity this year.

To spur me on, I'm asking for "sponsors" of a sort. Signing on means that if I happen to succeed, you will donate $20 to the American Cancer Society. It is one of many societies that I wish I could help with my work, but they don't really need hats...they need financial support.

I will have until midnight, December 31 2009 to complete this goal.

I have chosen the American Cancer Society for many reasons. I know too many people who have dealt with cancer themselves or who have dealt with Cancer indirectly through loved ones. I may not be able to crochet or knit a cure, but I can crochet or knit in support of a cure.

I appreciate your support in this endeavor. Wish me luck!


Addiopolis said...

Wow, Margie! That's really ambitious. You go for it ladybug. Do you mean that *you* personally will make 1,000 items? Whatever the case, sign me up as a sponsor. If you reach your goal in whatever form it takes I will donate $20 to the Cancer Society. Good Luck!!

Denis Cournoyer said...

Dear Margie The Ladybug,

Thank you for your philanthropic ambition of making 1,000 items and supporting the American Cancer Society. What a creative way to reach out and help cancer patients in need. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you, to thank you in person and to see if there is anything the American Cancer Society can do to help you reach your goal. My contact information is included for your reference. Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of people with cancer.

Denis Cournoyer
District Executive Director
American Cancer Society, Great West Division, Inc.
1636 North Swan Road, Suite 151, Tucson, AZ 85712-4065
t) 520.323-4215 f) 520.321-7988