Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolution time!

So I guess it's worthwhile to post resolutions, just so you can look back and say, "Yep...I did that." Let's see how I did in 2008 first.

I didn't do any fun traveling but I did go to Chicago for business, so that was alright I guess.

I am somewhat driving on the interstate now, every day to and from work. Step by step.

I did not move but that is in part because my rent didn't increase in price as astronomically as I thought it was going to.

I have a new computer thanks to a family friend offering me an AWESOME deal.

Didn't do quite as well on the exercise regimen over the Summer but I'm getting back into it. I'm still not back to my Fat Elvis period, so that's good.

In 2009, I have two primary goals. One is to take a really real vacation. Not work related, no business involved. Just a straight-out vacation that does not involve cleaning my apartment.

I'd also like to complete my goal of making charity items for causes in all 50 states. I'm finding that perhaps the hardest part is finding a viable cause in all 50 states! Who woulda thunk?

Ideally, I'd like to revamp my apartment. Get new furniture and what-not. I still have a lot of hand-me-downs from when I first moved, and I love the furniture I have, but I'd like to make my home filled with my actual stuff now :)

I'd like to conquer knitting socks with heels. I'm close, or at least I was. I haven't tried in awhile!

I'd like my deck garden to be even better this year. I am thinking about buying seeds online in a few weeks instead of relying on local plant places, which tend to offer all of the same stuff for way a lot of moneh.

I need to learn to make things for myself. The one time I tried to make myself a scarf it came out horribly! I want to make myself some shawls and maybe some stitching to put on my walls.

Hmm, this is kind of adding up, isn't it? :)

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Sandy said...

I hear ya on the goals/resolutions and seeing how you did.

I wanted to walk more, like 3-4 times a week. Haven't made it once since I thought that a good goal. errrrr Weather and work preventing me.

I didn't make my goal of charitable items last year, though I did come close so am using the same goal this year.

Would like to get things more organized...thats repeat goal and I do make some strides in some areas and not in others.

One thing I think I actually did accomplish, was to complain less and be a more positive person, so hopefully I can stretch that a bit more.

Redoing the apt, that sounds fun, good luck.